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Specialisterne Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with the goal to generate meaningful employment for one million autistic/neurodivergent persons through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset.




Jul 12, 2022

As we were mentioning in a previous article, in Specialisterne we see inclusion as a process based on reciprocity.

A part of such reciprocity is expressed through the support and assessment offered to both parts compromised on that inclusion: on one side, the companies and the employees/people on it, and on the other side people with autism.

In Specialisterne we refer to this support as “coaching” and it is oriented towards the following objectives:

1. Offer assessment/advice to the people in charge of the human resources departments from the beginning of the process of selection until the process of hiring.

In this aspect, this assessment/advice is meant to influence on the internal processes using orientations so that the design, the application and the management of these processes results in the adequate -taking into account the characteristics and needs of people with autism.

2. Provide practice and support to the people responsible* of the teams, as well as their participants.

Getting to know people with autism is of vital importance in order to avoid any missjudgment on them. Plus, being conscious of the strategies that are effective for every person plays in favour of group dynamics -both the individual and team-role- and it is more encouraging. This premise can be applied to both the neurotypical and neurodiverse group of people. That is why from our coaching groups we offer this knowledge to every person. The ultimate goal is that the team has the necessary tools to make an inclusive environment for all their participants, as well as helping the person with autism adapt as best as possible to an unknown environment at first.

3. Reinforce the functioning of the network of internal support created after the hiring of people with autism.

The network of support is usually comprised of people on the human resources department, the responsible/leader of every team, a mentor and a “buddy”. This network of support seeks to establish and reinforce natural supports for the person with autism within every company. As a result, coaching itself will become less necessary and, in the case the network of support is successful, can even restrain from acting.

4. Last, but not least, is giving support to the people with autism so that they can detect their strengths, empower their talents and solve any challenges during the time of adaptation, during the execution of the tasks, and/or during their keeping of its functions in the long term.

That is why, we use the SMART methodology, which consists on establishing specific, measurable, reachable, relevant and real in time goals. All in all, we chase the growth and professional progress counting with the interest of the other person involved.

The coaching is delivered through weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions- depending on the needs- in order to address these common aspects said earlier. It chases an active role within both parts. It consists in a common work/ cooperation that is built resulting from the situations naturally generated, the wonders and preccupations from the people as well as the experience and maturity of these on the professional background. Thus, from the coaching we offer suggestions to the company and the person with autism, and there is always the freedom in the personal decision-making.

From our experience/expertise, it is a support valued positively from both parts.

Even though from Specialisterne we always insist on our ultimate goal that is disappearing and ceasing to offer this kind of support which would mean the natural and authentic inclusion.

Ana Paños, responsible for International Projects at Specialisterne Spain.