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Specialisterne Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with the goal to generate meaningful employment for one million autistic/neurodivergent persons through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset.



Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

As a frame of reference, Specialisterne uses its own neurodiversity inclusion maturity model.

maturity model

This helps to analyze where the company is in terms of the inclusion of neurodiversity and what are the logical steps to follow at all times until reaching a level of maturity that is called an expert or an “organization that embraces neurodiversity”, reflected with the symbol of neurodiversity.

As with any other field of D&I, fully including neurodiversity in an organization is a time-consuming process and a chain of actions that enable a change of mindset and an adaptation of the organization.

From there, Specialisterne helps its clients in three major project areas:




Evaluate the current situation of the company regarding neurodiversity and develop a medium / long-term strategic plan to include neurodiversity.

Projects to assess the current situation of the company regarding neurodiversity and develop a plan to advance the maturity model.

Prepare a medium / long-term strategic plan to include neurodiversity implies, among other aspects:

  • Audit of the current situation in inclusion of neurodiversity.
  • Creation and participation in neurodiversity committees or centers of excellence in neurodiversity.
  • Definition of a vision and objectives in the medium / long term; development of a "business case" for neurodiversity.
  • Align the inclusion of neurodiversity with the rest of the inclusion of diversity initiatives, the SDGs and CSR policies.
  • Analyze the countries, departments and roles in which it may be easier or it may make more sense to incorporate neurodivergent people.
  • Awareness, training, and internal and external communication plan.




Include neurodivergent people and adapt policies, processes, etc. to adapt them to neurodiversity.

Projects aimed at including people neurodivergent and to adapt policies, processes, etc. in order to adapt them to neurodiversity.

To execute the strategy marked in the previous point, it is necessary to work on:

  • Internal dissemination of the neurodiversity strategy, also to seek volunteers for specific inclusion actions.
  • Evaluation and adaptation of policies, protocols, processes, manuals, etc. from HR to neurodiversity (and to standards such as ISO 30415), including the selection process and interviews, the welcome manual, the performance evaluation processes or the dismissal process, among many others.
  • Evaluation and adaptation of jobs and work methodologies to facilitate the inclusion of neurodivergent people and obtain even more positive results.
  • Inclusion of neurodivergent people, from totally externalizing the process to carrying it out internally with specific external support.




Measure the direct and indirect benefits of including neurodiversity.

Measure and disseminate the results obtained with the inclusion of neurodiversity.

The inclusion of neurodiversity has many direct business benefits and others that are more indirect, but in any case measurable and, therefore, reportable. And, also, neurodiversity has a social impact that can be measured, reported and integrated into the results of CSR, of policies in favor of the SDGs, etc. SPECIALISTERNE works in 4 lines:

  • Measurement of the economic and social impact, with our surveys and measurement methodology or by adapting the existing ones in the company.
  • Benchmarking with respect to leading companies in the inclusion of neurodiversity.
  • Preparation of reports of own results or adapted to the United Nations Global Compact in favor of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
  • Analysis and reporting of recommendations based on all of the above (aimed at improving the strategy and its execution).