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Specialisterne Foundation

A Specialisterne Foundation é uma fundação sem fins lucrativos com o objetivo de criar um milhão de empregos para pessoas com autismo / neurodivergentes por meio do empreendedorismo social, do engajamento do setor empresarial e de uma mudança global de mentalidade.



Job opportunities

Specialisterne offers people on the autism spectrum the opportunity to work in companies that can enhance their talent. We collaborate exclusively with organizations committed to promoting the value of neurodiversity that carry out a training course on autism with us. We also guarantee the constant support of our coaches both to the team and management of the organization and to the people we have employed.

By clicking on the SHOW OFFERS button you will be directed to the Italian page where you will find a list that includes both our job offers relating to specific positions open to our clients, and our free training courses aimed at job placement, always in partner companies of Specialisterne.

some clients

Specialisterne helps companies and employers understand, value and integrate the unique perspective and capabilities of people on the autism spectrum or with similar diagnoses for employment.