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Specialisterne Foundation

Specialisterne Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with the goal to generate meaningful employment for one million autistic/neurodivergent persons through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset.



Our portfolio



Specialisterne services for companies are structured in two main areas:

Provide talent, especially for IT, administrative and museum tasks, by including neurodivergent people (with autism and other similar diagnostics).


SPECIALISTERNE seeks and selects, forms technically and socially, and includes neurodivergent people, thus providing talent to our clients.

And it does it with two models:

  • Training candidates with standard courses of several months, hiring them as own employees and providing computer, administrative, museum and other services to our clients. This is done in a service delivery modality accompanied by specialized coaching for people with autism and company training on how to include talent with autism.
  • Carrying out tailor-made inclusion projects in which the entire process of searching and training people with autism and other diagnoses is personalized for the specific needs of our client. It is our client who hires the selected candidates, also with the support of specialized coaching and training for the company itself.

Train companies for the inclusion of people with autism and similar diagnostics, through informative and training actions and consulting projects on Diversity and Inclusion.

SPECIALISTERNE trains and accompanies the company on its way to an organization that includes neurodiversity naturally.

Following our maturity model of the inclusion of neurodiversity, we offer our clients:

  • Informative sessions, workshops and training courses ranging from short outreach actions for the entire company to advanced and personalized training courses on the inclusion of neurodiversity aimed at HR teams, through training of managers and mentors who have in their teams or mentor people with autism and other related diagnoses.
  • D&I consulting projects, to accompany the company in the definition and execution of a neurodiversity strategy, including it in global D&I policies and specifying it in HR processes, inclusion plans, etc., as well as in measuring the results obtained in economic and social impact terms.

The value proposition for companies that consider the inclusion of people with autism and other conditions begins, logically, with the inclusion of new talent. The need to include more talent in the organization is and should be the main reason. At Specialisterne we can help companies to find people who are especially suited to certain tasks, seeking to contribute talent with meaning.

But the value proposition goes far beyond the inclusion of new talent, it includes:



It is increasingly recognized that including profiles within neurodiversity helps to have different points of view and innovate (and opens the discussion on innodiversity).




Many managers and teams report that including people with autism has helped them focus more on people management, clear communication, division of work based on the competencies of each person and many other aspects., Although already known, where not acted upon.




Due to a combination of factors, the people we include tend to have greater loyalty to the companies for which they work, something that is especially valued in some profiles, such as IT. In general, carrying out projects with social impact such as those for the inclusion of neurodivergent people helps to generate brand pride and therefore attracts and retains.



More and more companies are betting on sustainability and on generating a positive social impact. The inclusion of people belonging to collectives with specific difficulties related to job placement is also consistent with CSR policies (Corporate Social Responsibility) and with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and with any company that wishes to create a social impact positive.

We periodically carry out studies with the companies with which we already work to measure what economic value the people we have included are contributing and several of these aspects of additional value that they provide.