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Specialisterne Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with the goal to generate meaningful employment for one million autistic/neurodivergent persons through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset.



The specialists 1

Jan 26, 2023

I arrived at Specialisterne when I was 23, after various attempts at some educational and training opportunities. I had had issues getting through Lower Secondary education. When I was 17, I was diagnosed with Asperger, and I’ve been in treatment due to depression for three years. My family psychologist recommended me to contact Specialisterne, and in January 2015 I started the training at the company. I adapted well to the course, had a good relationship with my teammates and successfully passed the test, which allowed me to get a certification in Software Testing.

And even more important, I found the confidence I didn’t have in my skills and talents. That confidence allowed me to embrace new challenges and make personal improvements. 

I left Specialisterne at 24, in September of the same year, convinced I was on the right way?. In less than a year I got a certificate in English with a good mark, I could enter the university and got the driving license. In 2016, I started the degree in Journalism at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and finished in 2020 according to the itinerary established within four years with high honors. During the year of the covid pandemic I couldn’t find any job related to journalism, but I passed the C2 Catalan exam with the highest marks. In 2021 I found a semi-precarious job, which allowed me to gain independence from my parents before my 30s and live together with my partner. I got back in  contact with Specialisterne and we looked for jobs related to communication and linguistics. 

In October 2022, I started working for Specialisterne as a part-time employee at the headquarters of a successful company in Barcelona, in which I am in charge of the reception, visitor services and calls, communication, administration, human resources and working spaces management. As for the rest of my workday, I collaborate with the Specialisterne marketing team writing different genre articles and texts, and seeking ideas to create more content about the company.

The present text is the first on one of these ideas that we called “The Specialists”, a project for sharing  the stories of my co-workers at Specialisterne.


(Text translated by Gerard Glas from Specialisterne Spain)